We’ve released a new build (3238) for AVChat 3 Video Chat Application for IP. Board 3.x. In this build we’ve changed the way it works: from cookies to native IP. Board code in integration.php, we’ve added a general settings page and some new cool features and permissions.

New General Settings Page! Now, in your Admin CP area, AVChat 3 has a general settings page from where you can setup the most important options: RTMP Connectionstring, Allow Facebook/Twitter Connection, Facebook App ID, Twitter Customer Key, Open Method, Disconnect Link, Register Page Link, Login Page Link, etc.

AVChat 3 Video Chat General Settings

New Features & Improvements:

  • Now your members can login in AVChat 3 with their Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  • Facebook and Twitter share is now available in IP. Board AVChat 3 Application.
  • The AVChat 3 Mobile version will now be served when accessing the chat from a mobile device.
  • AVChat 3 is now using SWFObject 2 for embedding the chat’s .swf.
  • Now AVChat 3 can be opened in popup method, you can also define the width and height of popup window.
  • You can define width and height of chat swf.
  • The Register and Sign In tab from the AVChat login screen is now shown only for guests members.
  • The users list type is now set by default to “thumbnail”.
  • We don’t use cookies anymore to store AVChat 3 settings and permissions.
  • We’ve removed the option Free video time, now it’s deprecated
  • We’ve added 7 new member groups permissions, detailed below.

7 new member groups permissions:

  • You can force a user role to broadcast their cam before they can see other webcams.
  • You can assign a badge to each member group. This badge will show up in the users list.
  • You can allow members in a member group to be moderators for the rooms that they create.
  • You can allow members in a member group to invite other users to view their webcam.
  • You can allow users in a user group to invite other users to join the room they create.
  • You can specify which room(s) each member group can see
  • You can specify which room(s) each member group can not see

What’s changed:

  • No more cookies, AVChat 3 is using now the IP. Board native functions instead.

We’ve also updated the documentation to reflect the new improvements.

The new build number is 3238 and can be downloaded from your private client area.

Have a great day!

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