Hello everyone,

I’m very excited to announce you that we made some very needed changes to the IP.Board Application!

We now support the latest version of IP.Board (3.3.4) and most important, you can now have access to the AVChat permissions from the IP.board backend.


  • 1758: changed the tab name from “Flash Video Chat” to “Video Chat”
  • 1678: updated to work with 3.3.4 version.
  • 1650: old naming interfered with the “chat” application from IP.Board so we changed it to “videochat”
  • 1577: minor bug repairs.

The installation is made like any other IP.Board application. For update, you need to uninstall our last version (including the files from the actual directories) and after that proceed like a normal installation.

Hope you will enjoy this new update and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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