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Hello everyone,

We are actively improving our software based on your suggestions and over the past few months we have been very busy building solutions on top of AVChat. Requested by many of you, today we are happy to announce the launch of our NEW Pay Per Session plugin for WordPress.

While in the past we have tried our best to cover this topic by writing articles such as How to Build a Paid Video Chat Membership Website with WordPress, AVChat 3 and PayPal these solutions relied on third party plugins and left our clients with alot of setting up to do. We were not satisfied with such complex solutions and we always felt we could do much better. So, with our new plugin you can forget setting up everything and focus on what’s more important: selling your services as audio/video sessions.

With our new all in one Pay Per Session plugin for WordPress, you can benefit from alot of features – among many others, we highlighted only the most important below:

  • Easily assign consultants, monitor payments, view past and upcoming audio/video sessions
  • Create host profiles with avatars, cover images, bio, videos and availabilityPay Per Session - assign hosts
  • PayPal ready: just enter your e-mail. You can accept payments instantly
  • PayPal payments protection: audio/video sessions won’t start if there is a cancelled or invalid payment
  • Centralized payments: all payments are made towards a single account, thus making it easy for service providers to focus on their sessions
    Pay Per Session - my sessions
  • Perfect transparency: each service provider (host) can view who bought their service
  • Extend profiles with links to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Don’t worry about design, as it is fully responsive
    Pay Per Session - host profile
  • WordPress user & avatar integration
  • Dead simple to use: just drop the

    You still need to upload the AVChat software on your website.

    Upload it to your wp-content/plugins/avchat-3-pps directory.

    No hosts have been defined yet.
    shortcode into any page of your WordPress site
  • Share everything, from YouTube videos, emoticons, images to file uploads with your clients
  • Instant e-mail notifications: on new payment, on new service bought (for both the host and the client)

What DOES it do?

Pay Per Session enables any user with a WordPress site to host one on one audio/video sessions for which visitors or other site members can buy for a fee or even for free. All payments are automatically handled by PayPal while our plugin makes sure a session isn’t already delivered or that payments haven’t been declined. Pay Per Session uses the latest stable AVChat software to deliver a high quality audio/video stream making room for a solid experience between the service provider and the client.

What CAN I do with it?

The Pay Per Session plugin has a broad range of possible applications in the education, legal and medical industries where live online video chat sessions over the Internet between consultants and their clients have become the norm. That being said, anything that needs live 1on1 audio, video and text chat can be handled by our plugin.


You are you a consultant, developer, teacher or lawyer and want to sell your services, we got you covered.

You are an online business owner and wish for your employees to provide live video chat consultations over the web – you are one plugin away from it.

How much does it cost? Where do I purchase from?

The plugin costs $79, one time fee and can be purchased together with AVChat and media server hosting from

You will also need AVChat which starts at $130. AVChat handles the video chat part of the plugin when two persons have to meet over the Internet using audio video and text chat. See all the available AVChat licenses in the purchase link above.

And you will need media server hosting for AVChat. You can run your own media server on a VPS but you can also purchase hassle free media server hosting from us for as low as $14.99/month. See all the hosting plans in the purchase link above.

How do I use it?

  1. Purchase and setup the plugin in minutes. Tech support is always available to assist you.
  2. Mark WordPress users (even the admin user) as consultants. They get notified by email.
  3. As a consultant, you can personalise your profile with information about yourself, avatar, cover image (like Facebook), availability hours and extend it with links to your Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  4. As a consultant you can decide on how your services should be named and how much they cost. Add a long a description, so that your customers will have a clear idea on what they will get after purchase.
  5. Visitors browse your (new) list of consultants and purchase their services.
  6. Consultants are put in touch with their new client. Site admin is notified about the purchase.
  7. Consultants and their clients are connected in a two way audio, video, text chat and file sharing.
  8. Monitor payments and view any past and future session from your WordPress backend admin area.

2 thoughts on “New Pay Per Session Video Chat Plugin For WordPress

  1. ralph says:

    Hi ,I am also a guitar player and have website where I show and teach my guitar lesson. I would like to buy the Pay Per Session Video Chat Plugin, but I am looking for a plugin that can sell and rent my video course. It should be able to let me set the parameter for day,month or year for the rental or just download and buy the video also have a section to set the in and out for the trailer.
    Url to upload the video anywhere in the web
    The plugin should accept payment like paypal ,stripe or other extension.
    Customer can register there own account and have access to their payment story and course. Integration with Mailchimp ,Aweber,Getresponse ect..
    Can you customize this plugin for me and tell me how much it will cost.
    Thank you

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi there,

    I am interested to know the support of video chats via mobiel sites. native or mobile web equally. Please let me know. Also keen to know how customisable is the experience via CSS or overwrites?



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