2009 has been a great year for us, we’ve learned a lot and we’ve made big progress as a company and we feel 2010 is going to be even better. Everybody is back now from their NYE vacation (support should be again up to speed) and we’re deciding on directions to follow in 2010 with our business and products. Here are some of them:

AVChat Instant Messenger is a new product we’re working on. We have a lot of great ideas for it, hopefully we will have something to show in March.

Each product will have it’s own website. We’ve already started doing that with HDFVR and soon the Flash Audio Recorder will also be moved to its own website. AVChat 3 will follow. This will allow us to provide more accurate and on topic  info on each product and also independently measure the interest for each product.

We’re going to offer better support trough a new forum and more support articles. Many of the supports requests we get are answered with information that would be useful for everyone, not just the person asking for support so we’re going to build a forum (where our team can answer questions) and encourage everyone to post their questions there. Personalized support by email will still be available.

We’re going to support the Wowza media server across all our products. HDFVR was our first product that worked on the Wowza media server. Wowza versions of our Flash Audio Recorder and AVChat 3 are ready we just need to launch them!

AVChat 3 updates. We have a few great features we want to add in the rooms management and users list department. There is also a long list of requested features we’re going to go trough. Support for the new YouTube AS3 API should be available soon, this will mean people will be able to post more than 1 YT video in the video chat.

Better and more  integrations. The AVChat 3 Module for phpFox 2 is almost ready (should be online in a few days), vBulletin 4 was just released and Joomla 1.6 is just around the corner. Expect many improvements in the integrations department and maybe some integrations for our other products like the HD Flash Video Recorder.

More blogging. Time allowing it we’re going to post more articles, web cam reviews, guides etc… .Good useful content on this blog is rather scarce (well, except for the tutorials/documentation articles) so we’re going to improve that.

This should keep us busy for the next 6 months. We’re having even bigger plans for the second half of the year! If you have any other ideas you can always drop us a line at contact@avchat.net, feedback is always welcomed here !

7 thoughts on “Plans for 2010

  1. Thanos Rozou says:

    Good Luck with your updates Naicu! I am sure you’ll continue to do the best for your customers!

  2. Jake Riley says:

    I am glad to hear that there is ongoing progress. However I am worrying about your company releasing new products but development, improvement and bugfixing of existing products is slow.
    I would rather like to see you focusing on Avchat and make it an outstanding product, which it has the potential to. However currently, it has less features than its competitors and no I will not name the competitors here.
    It is a great product but there are a lot of features already missing and my fear is that progress is too slow to keep up with the competitors and even slower as you are working on so many products at the same time.

    1. Octavian says:

      Thanks for your comments Jack. We have also read your emails, your security reports have been very helpful in making our software more secure and we thank you for that! But AVChat 3 was never intended to have all the features in the world. We receive a lot of emails proposing the most strangest of features. We can not and we will not implement them all.

      So far we have worked mostly on patching up the AVChat 3 software in terms of security, bugs, flexibility and usability but right now we are working on some new features. We have separate people working on AVChat 3, the development of new products does not affect the development of AVChat 3.

  3. Hector says:

    AVChat Instant Messenger could be great!

    I will wait for this, our users want something like that. I was considering buy another chat one on one, but I’ll wait your software.

    Thank you Octavian!


  4. Nelson says:

    Here are some friendly suggestions for AVChat:

    1) volume controls on each cam. sometimes you get someone who has their mic turned up more than others. it would be highly useful to be able to set their volume on your end to help make things better and prevent echo.

    2) global volume control. on our site we sometimes need to listen to audio outside of the chat and it would be nice if we could lower the overall chat room volume and/or mute the entire room during these times.

    3) have cams close when someone leaves room. Right now it shows a message that they are no longer in the same rooms. why can’t it just close?

    4) Make the text area always be on screen. We have had so many cams that it pushes the text area down so far that you cannot see it anymore!

    5) status. If I need to walk away it would be great if I had an icon near my name to let people know I am busy and away from the chat.

    Thank you for consideration of these.

    1. Octavian says:

      Thanks for the feedback, most fo these items are on our TODO list!

  5. Dan M says:

    Here is a friendly suggestion:

    How about private room automatically closing and deleting after there is no use after 2 hours?

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