Today we’re releasing a new build (1615) of AVChat, our flagship video chat software, that includes only bug fixes:

  • fixed issue with Red5 where users leaving the chat alltogether would still be present in the external XML rooms & users list under the <not_in_rooms> XML tag (actually fixed in 1618)
  • fixed issue on Red5 where kicking a user named X would show the following message in the text chat “X has been kicked by X” instead of “X has been kicked by ADMINNAME”
  • fixed issue on FMIS where when leaving more than one room at the same time (closing the browser tab/window with AVChat) would not remove the user from some of the rooms he was in
  • fixes issue on FMIS/Linux where restarting the media server would result in rooms with empty users lists and no history in text chat
  • fixed issue where the giftsURL value sent to the onSendGift JS callback would not have its variables (DEST_SITEID, DEST_USERNAME,  SENDR_SITEID, SENDR_USERNAME) replaced with actual values
  • fixed issue with & in links being converted to &amp; and breaking the link
  • fixed issue with blocked users still being able to view your cam and issue with still seeing private cam requests from blocked users. When you have blocked a user and that users tries to view your public or private stream he automatically gets the “Access Denied” message. With build 1615 The broadcaster is not bothered anymore by blocked users.

You can get the new build from your private client area. Trial users do not yet have access to this build yet.

Changes have only been made to the media server files and the .swf files and accompanying .html files so if you’re running build 1572 you need to only update those.

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