Last summer we made a small  silent build of the SE4 AVChat Module with a lot of focus o usability and understanding of features. We spent a lot of time  going over 1) what webmasters would need and 2) the copy.

Today we’re taking this work even further with the following updates:

  • automated update procedure from earlier module versions to current one (yeeeessssss finally) with proper version numbering to match the build numbers from your client area.
  • even better descriptions of AVChat 3 permissions in the SE4 admin area
  • removed unused permissions
  • better AVChat 3 global settings
  • bug fixes for the module and for the Who’s Chatting widget

To update your AVChat 3 module for Social Engine 4:

  1. go to your client page ( provided after the purchase ),
  2. download the latest AVChat 3 Plugin for SocialEngine 3 and 4 build (1384),
  3. unpack,
  4. install the new package (module-avchat3-1384.tar) on your social engine community just like as you would do it for the first time,
  5. during the installation you will be prompted to upgrade (and not to install),
  6. the rest of the process will be automated.

IMPORTANT: The AVChat 3 permissions will be updated only for the default user levels. The AVChat 3 permissions for custom user levels have to be set manually in SE4 Admin >> Manage >> AVChat 3 Permissions.

To update the Who’s Chatting widget, do the same.

To install the module for the 1st time just follow the AVChat 3 module for Social Engine 4 installation instructions.

If you have any questions, drop us an email at .

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