The online demo of AVChat 3 has been updated to build 1052 .

Here are some of the new features:

  • full .NET support (dropped classic ASP support)
  • moved position of free video time/day display
  • new admin limitations & settings in
  • clean text chat area button
  • fixed some security issues with previewing files
  • fixed issues with some whois links not working
  • fixed issue with web cams going behind the text chat area

This build will be made available for download later this week after intensive testing!

7 thoughts on “Some of the features from the next (unreleased) AVChat 3 build (the November one)

  1. JLammi says:

    Please say you are working on something to bring back the default cam arrangements back! :s

  2. Alex says:

    Foooarte tare !
    Am descoperit si eu de curand ce poate face Stratus-ul si rtmpfp-ul in general, iar acum mi-a picat fata cind am vazut ca niste baieti care stau la cateva strazi de mine, posibil fosti politehnisti (imi pare ca l-am vazut pe un coleg de al vostru) au facut minunea asta 🙂

    Eu vreau sa folosesc un server foarte light de rtmp, defapt chiar asa se numeste “rtmplite 6.0” dezvoltat in Python care suporta foarte bine live streaming-ul, pentru aplicatii facute in Flex (si nu numai)

    Pe mine ma intereseaza sa combin aceste tehnologii pentru o televiziune online destul de ieftina, fata de cit costa software-ul actual. Ma gandeam sa fac asta de unul singur, dar cand v-am gasit, am zis ca nu e nimic intamplator 🙂

    Daca va intereseaza, sa imi spuneti 😉

  3. Octavian says:

    @JLammi we are aware that the current cam arrangement system is not the best compromise, so you’ll definitely see updates from us in the future regarding that!

    You should definitelypost your improovement suggestions:

    Dragos e fost politehnist 🙂

    Tehnic se pot face multe lucruri incredibile, partea mai grea este sa gasesti a aplicare/combinare a acestor tehnologii (tv online de exemplu) care sa fie viabila economic/sa plateasca lumea pentru ea.

    Da-ne un email la si putem vb. mai multe.

  4. Joshua Lammi says:

    Thanks Octavian, the software is amazing and has been working well on my demo server. Just deciding which license to go after now. “Mute All” would be a good option as well, rather than having to chase down through people’s cams doing it individually.

  5. LLC says:

    when do nicknames clickable?

    1. Octavian says:

      Can you provide more details?

  6. LLC says:

    in admin in a text chat nicknames are not clickable

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