Hello everyone, We are very proud to announce that AVChat is now compatible with HTML5 and you can now use the AVChat with iPad and iPhone. And because WordPress is the most used with this kind of devices, we just finished our first integration with the new video chat and we are releasing it for everybody to enjoy. In this new build, we also introduced some new enhancements, like: Never miss a new message from now. New browser tab notification lets you see how many new messages you received if you are in another browser tab. Added support for Administrators. Detect if the browser is mobile or desktop and if you installed the AVChat files into the plugin directory. Facebook[…]

We’ve been working lately on making AVChat function properly on mobile phones. In the images below you can see a Nexus One with AVChat 3 running perfectly in the phone’s browser and streaming someone’s cam. Unfortunately its not yet possible to broadcast your phone’s camera/mic. This is just a proof of concept, but the modifications needed to run AVChat on Android will make their way into the next build. We also see a lot of space for innovation in the mobile space with the recently announced Flash Player and AIR for mobiles, so hopefully we’ll have more great news to share with you in the future on this topic!