AVChat 2.1 and AVConference 1.1 are now fully compatible with the free open source Red5 media server. Absolutely all the features in both softwares are implemented in the new Red5 versions. Red5 is a free, open source, Java based, alternative to Adobe’s Flash Media Server. Altough the server is in pre-alpha there are many production-ready applications that work on Red5 and many have chosen to use Red5 because its free and open source. To install Red5 you need a dedicated server. You can not install Red5 on a shared hosting plan. Red5 is available for both Windows and Linux. You can find more info about it here: [http://osflash.org/red5 Update 8/10/2015: This no longer exists] Until now AVChat 2 and AVConference[…]

We’ve got a lot of emails on these topics recently so we decided to clarify the issue here. Adobe announced support for h.264 video in Flash Player in August 2007 in this press release. Adobe announced Flash Media Server 3 and Flash Media Encoder 2 in September 2007 in this press release. Prerecorded h.264 video Right now the latest Flash Player Beta Update available on Adobe Labs only supports playing/decoding of prerecorded video files encoded with h.264 and delivered using progressive download. To deliver prerecorded h.264 video files to Flash Player applications (video players, etc…) using streaming we need to wait for Flash Media Server 3 due to be released in Spring 2008. Flash Media Server 2 can only stream[…]

Today is a big day for us. After months of hard work: AVCHAT 2 IS READY: AVChat 2 is the new version of our flagship software: AVChat. The interface has been entirely redesigned, and a lot of new features have been added. Read more: Short intro Feature list Screenshots AVCONFERENCE IS LAUNCHED: AVConference is a new software that is best suited for live events broadcasting, e-learning, video conferences, seminars, etc… . It supports file sharing, and can also be used in conjunction with the Flash Media Encoder to push better quality video to your users. Read more:Short intro Feature list Screenshots 2 FREE FLASH APPLICATIONS: Live Flash Video Profiler is an application that allows you to play in your browser[…]