About bandwidth usage The bandwidth usage/month depends on many factors and can never be guessed without several days of actual running the video chat software on your website: number of people online watching cams and how much time they spend watching number of people online broadcasting cams and how much time they spend broadcasting how many cams a user can see at once audio/video quality (128,256,512kbits/s etc…) For example a user broadcasting its webcam for 30 minutes at 256kbits/s will use  57Mbytes of bandwdith (256kbits/s * 60 seconds * 30 minutes=57Mbytes). Another user viewing the first one for 30 minutes will use the same amount: 57Mbytes. Total: 114Mbytes for a 30 minute 1 to 1 video chat session. Reducing bandwidth usage AVChat[…]