Just a small update to AVChat today with 2 minor fixes: fixed issue with Red5 where users leaving the chat all together would still be present in the external XML rooms & users list under the <not_in_rooms> XML tag The Push To Talk button now has a red background that makes it more visible: As usual you can download it from your private client area. Only the .swf files and the Red5 media server files have been changed since the last build.

Hello all, This is the first build with the new dedicated team for AVChat (more on that in a future blog post) and we’ve tried to implement some of the requests that you’ve asked for but also fix some of the bugs reported and unreported. The main new feature in this build is the Silence feature which allows admins to block users from doing anything in a chat room for 30 seconds (period can be changed). Here’s how it looks when you’re silenced: So, here’s everything that’s new: Silence option for admins that offers to an admin the option to silence an user for an amount of time controlled from avc_settings.xxx (silenceDuration). There is also a setting (adminCanSilenceOtherAdmins) to control[…]

We’ve been silent for a while now on the AVChat front but ohh boy do we have some news for you today! Today we’re releasing build 1365 of AVChat, our flagship video chat software. This build comes to fix most of the issues that have appeared since our last build and implements many of the functionalities that have been requested in the forum. Thank you all for the suggestions for the bug reports for the discussions we had and for helping making AVChat a better software. Now let’s move on to what changes this new build brings upon us. First, we have a new emoticons pack We’ve licensed this 36 square emoticons pack and included it in this build for[…]

One week from the official integration kit for Joomla! 1.6 release we’re pushing the first official update that includes some awesome new features and a few bug fixes. There’s a whole new revamped Who’s Online Module, new permissions for user groups and full control over how AVChat opens (in a pop up or embedded). New, revamped Who’s Chatting Module for Joomla! 1.6: Quick info about rooms and users Detailed user info: indicators that users have their cam and mic turned on and indicator if a user’s stream is private Detailed room info: We added a  rooms list in the module and next to each room you will find how many users are logged into that room. But , the coolest[…]

Most of the work this month has gone into developing the AVChat Integration kit for Joomla! 1.6 but we have a few updates regarding AVChat too 😉 here they are: No more (blue) chrome around the text chat area (was kind of useless) Mute all streams button in the status bar at the top Different sounds for when receiving: private messages (different beep, sounds/private.mp3) request to view your private webcam (short ring sounds/videorequest.mp3) Different icons for the OFF states of some buttons in the text chat area Admin can now view the banned usernames list and remove any of them When banning ip ranges you can now use spaces betwen the ips and the dash like this: –[…]

There are some bugs fixed and some new features in this one: New Features: smaller size of swf files. Due to the new framework from Flex the size of the swfs got bigger. We’ve managed to reduce the size to 321 kb. fonts.xml will actually do something. You can now specify inside fonts.xml what fonts will be available for the client in the fonts drop down selector from the text chat area. Drupal 7, vldPersonals 2.5.x and 2.6 compatibility. Red5 1.0 RC1 support. There is a new flash var named userId that you can send to index.swf /admin.swf via GET. The variable and value will be sent back to avc_settings.xxx via GET. The build number is now present in avchat3.properties/settings.asc[…]

We’ve done a few silent builds lately in order to fix some particular issues some of our clients had. For a while build 1162 has been online and available for download, this blog post will summarize most of the bug fixes that have been done since our latest build (1106). There are only a few tiny new features: rooms panel now covers more area inside the video chat (about 80% of the available space), we had complaints that the rooms panel was too small. you can now change the appearance (font, size, color, bold, italica) of the texts in the LOGIN, LOADING SETTINGS and CONNECTING screens, see  fontMainLabels in style.css : you can now change the size and color of[…]

A new build of AVChat flash video chat is now available for download, here’s what’s new: Only a few new small features: You can now double click a room name ion the rooms list to join it! We’ve seen this type of behaviour when doing usability tests. showJLButton setting in avc_settings.xxx, configures the status (enabled, disabled, hidden) of the [Show Join/Leave messages] button in the text chat area you now get more detailed errors when having issues with token based authentication But many bug fixes: solved concurrency issues with Red5 and multiple app  instances (bug intruduced in the last build) solved issue with the # of users for each room going wild on us (bug intruduced in the last build)[…]

We’ve taken our time with this one as we’ve found a memory leak in our Red5 server side files and spent a lot of time trying to fix that! Here are some of the new features and bug fixes: Connections from swf files hosted on localhost are not allowed anymore by default. To allow localhost connections edit the avchat30 settings file on the media server (avchat3.properties or settings.asc) and set allowLocalhostConnections=true. There are no name limits on the application/folder name (avchat30) on the media server or/and on the instance name (_definst_). This will allow you to connect AVChat 3 from several web sites to the same media server, each one with their own key and personalized (media server) settings file![…]

The online demo of AVChat 3 has been updated to build 1052 . Here are some of the new features: full .NET support (dropped classic ASP support) moved position of free video time/day display new admin limitations & settings in avc_settings.xxx clean text chat area button fixed some security issues with previewing files fixed issues with some whois links not working fixed issue with web cams going behind the text chat area This build will be made available for download later this week after intensive testing!