Hello all, Hope you had a great  May month. We have some new exciting features that we’ve developed for you for the June build.We’ve also tried,  with this build,  to release one the most stable builds so we’ve fixed allot of bugs and i want to take this opportunity to thank our clients that tested the beta version and gave us great feedback. The key feature in this build is the improved mechanism that creates private rooms (password protected) and allows users to join them. Let’s say that with the new mechanism you won’t have to worry that hackers can read your private conversations. Let’s see what else is  new in this build: Push to Talk: the “push to talk” […]

New features: Wowza Media Server compatibility (more on that in a later post). We switched to the AS3 You Tube API, which means you can now see more than 1 video in the chat. The You Tube controls had to change tough to something simpler! . The color of the Top Status Bar is now the same with the color of the windows. The user’s avatar is now shown in the Top Status Bar and avatars now have rounded corners. The radius is controlled via style.css (cornerradius property from the windows class): Avatars now keep their aspect ratio. Admins now have the ability to close rooms ( users can not join closed rooms ): The Rooms List now shows separate[…]