This morning at IBC in Amsterdam Adobe launched Flash Media Server 4. There will be 3 editions (Streaming, Interactive and Enterprise) + the free Developers edition. Check out the comparison matrix to see what’s included in each! Most notable improvements are: 64 bit support –> increased performance p2p/rtmfp support -> we’ll be able to do commercial p2p apps on top of FMIS4 Now the bad news: the price is the same, in the US  the Streaming edition is about $995.00 and the Interactive edition is about $4500 . the p2p/rtmfp goodies are only available in the Enterprise edition (very expensive) but hopefully Adobe’s FMIS hosting partners like will offer rtmfp/p2p support as standard in their hosting offers. More info:[…]

The latest build of AVChat 3, made available for download today, packs some awesome new features: Tool tips on most buttons in the UI. Better UI (you can now re size your cam and the users list, other cams are now floating on top of the text chat area,cam borders are drawn correctly, slightly skinnier interface with default padding set to 6px). YouTube videos now play (again) in the actual YouTube player. Added option in the UI to show join/leave messages in the text chat. Lots of small updates for the text chat (proper html encoding for html characters, better detection/highlight mechanism for links, in some cases text chat would go over YouTube videos/pictures previews). Some small changes to the[…]

I am pleased to announce you the immediate availability of our new flagship product: AVChat 3, the successor to AVChat 2. Launch AVChat 3.0 Demo View Some More Screenshots New Technology AVChat 3 is developed using ActionScript 3. This allows us to develop much more powerful and fast applications than before. New Features We’ve listened to our vocal clients and added a lot of requested features like private video streams and emote icon packs but we’ve also added a lot of new stuff we’ve thought about internally. Users will now be able to join  multiple rooms at the same time, they will be able to share YouTube movies, upload pictures to rooms, watch video streams in full screen and much[…]

Adobe released last week FMS 3.5 and FMLE 3.0 which you can now download and/or purchase. There are several interesting new features which you can read about here: New features in Flash Media Live Encoder 3.0 New features in FMSS 3.5 and FMIS 3.5 Prices remain unchanged with $4500 for FMIS and $995 for FMSS. Because this is not a new major version upgrade prices are rather cheap with $349 for the FMIS 3.0 to 3.5 upgrade and $249 ofr the FMSS 3.0 to 3.5 upgrade. These prices are available in the US store. The FMLE continues to be free.

Adobe has released today Flash Media Server 3. FMS 3 is available in 3 editions: Flash Media Streaming Server ($995) Flash Media Interactive Server ($4500) Flash Media Development Server (free, 10 simultaneous connections limit) You can find a side by side comparison of the 3 editions here but the most important new features from my opinion are: Limitations on bandwidth and connections limit have been lifted More secure content delivery (rtmpe, swf hashing) H.264 video and HE-AAC audio Audio/Video stream delivery to Flash Lite 3 Major improvements in performance AMF3 support and new plugin arhitecture AVChat and AVConference should work without any issues with FMS3 as a media server should you choose to use it. More links: Flash Media Server[…]