This build is primarily focused on integrating AVChat with new technologies and adapting it to be compatible with even more mediums. We started off working on making AVChat compatible with the latest version of Red5 1.0.1. We got it working but we still have some important issues we have to nail down before we can release a stablem version for Red 5 1.0.1 . We also want to do some load tests and see if there is any difference between 0.8 and 1.0.1 in regards to performance. Until we get all that sorted out  AVChat will continue to work on Red5 0.8 and Red5 1.0 RC1. We also continued the development of the Wowza server-side modifications that are necessary for the mobile client to[…]

Hardware accelerated playback of h.264 content in Flash Player 10.1 beta actually works! Usually when watching any HD video on the Vimeo HD Channel my CPU would  spike to about 40-50% usage. But now, after installing Flash Player 10.1 beta on my laptop, the playback process is handled by my GPU thus leaving the CPU to attend to other tasks. CPU usage with Flash Player 10.1 beta has dropped to about 10-20% (from 40-50%)! For now hardware accelerated playback is only available on the Windows version of Flash Player 10.1 beta and only for h.264 video content, but it’s a great step in the right direction.

Adobe has released yesterday Flash Media Encoder 2.5. FME 2.5 adds support for pushing high quality h.264 video streams to the Flash Media Server (or to CDN’s). You can also push AAC audio streams if you purchase this [update 10/8/2015: plugin’s website is no longer online] AAC Encoding plugin for FME from MainConcept. FME 2.5 also adds a few neat features like command-line control, auto-restart after system restarts and a auto-adjust feature that enables you to maintain a high-quality video stream in uncertain network conditions. FME 2.5 can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website but it is currently only available for Windows. Also I want to remind you that AVConference can display a video/audio stream coming from FME via FMS.[…]

We’ve got a lot of emails on these topics recently so we decided to clarify the issue here. Adobe announced support for h.264 video in Flash Player in August 2007 in this press release. Adobe announced Flash Media Server 3 and Flash Media Encoder 2 in September 2007 in this press release. Prerecorded h.264 video Right now the latest Flash Player Beta Update available on Adobe Labs only supports playing/decoding of prerecorded video files encoded with h.264 and delivered using progressive download. To deliver prerecorded h.264 video files to Flash Player applications (video players, etc…) using streaming we need to wait for Flash Media Server 3 due to be released in Spring 2008. Flash Media Server 2 can only stream[…]