The AVChat integration kit for eMeeting is ready to be added to your eMeeting website now. The integration kit takes care of the integration (obviously! :)) between your eMeeting users and user levels and AVChat. How will it help your eMeeting website? Well,  it will drive members engagement and loyalty and it can drive up revenue by showing ads around the video chat or charging for access to it. Some of the integration features: Automatic username, gender and profile picture integration: users will have the same username, gender and profile picture in the web site and in the video chat. Different features for different user groups: you can control what features are enabled for each user level User profiles integration:[…]

We are pleased  to announce that we have finished work on 2 new integration kits for AVChat 3: AVChat 3 Product  for vBulletin: automatic username and avatar picture detection administrators can edit access to video chat features and limitations for each usergroup administrators can enable/disable features from the AVChat 3 Admin Area for moderators and super moderators (kick, ban, etc…) fully allow/disallow access to the video chat for any usergroup profile links integration installs as any other vBulletin product/plugin You can find more info about the AVChat 3 Product for vBulletin here. Currently only vBulletin 3.8 is supported but we are working on making it compatible with 4.0 . If you’re using older versions like 3.6 let us know. AVChat 3 Module for[…]