Hello everybody, Over the Internet there will always be someone who might want to harm your website’s activity just for fun or for some material reasons. We’re writing this article in order to help our AVChat customers who are getting spammed. Here are the steps that you can do in order to prevent future incidents. 1. Search for logs and look for his or her IP In case you’re not online while the user is spamming so that you can see his IP in the chat: if someone notifies you by e-mail, you can take a look over the TEXT CHAT TRANSCRIPTS and search for the desired username and find his IP from time to time, you can also take a[…]

Hello all, Hope you had a great  May month. We have some new exciting features that we’ve developed for you for the June build.We’ve also tried,  with this build,  to release one the most stable builds so we’ve fixed allot of bugs and i want to take this opportunity to thank our clients that tested the beta version and gave us great feedback. The key feature in this build is the improved mechanism that creates private rooms (password protected) and allows users to join them. Let’s say that with the new mechanism you won’t have to worry that hackers can read your private conversations. Let’s see what else is  new in this build: Push to Talk: the “push to talk” […]

The online demo of AVChat 3 has been updated to build 1052 . Here are some of the new features: full .NET support (dropped classic ASP support) moved position of free video time/day display new admin limitations & settings in avc_settings.xxx clean text chat area button fixed some security issues with previewing files fixed issues with some whois links not working fixed issue with web cams going behind the text chat area This build will be made available for download later this week after intensive testing!

New features: works properly on Android phones with Flash Player 10.1 new setting: users can create only public or only private rooms (allowedRooms setting in avc_settings.xxx) new setting: can users switch their stream to private/public (usersCanSwitchBetweenPrivateAndPublic setting in avc_settings.xxx) new setting: turn off te video chat for maintenance (downForMaintenance setting in avc_settings.xxx) new setting: kick users after being idle for some time (kickAfterIdleTime setting in avc_settings.xxx) new setting: position the who is typing box at the top or bottom of the text chat  (whosTypingPosition setting in avc_settings.xxx) you can now control the background color of the users list frum style.css new [Reset] button in the admin’s Rooms pannel that resets the users number option to hide the top status bar[…]

Starting with build 900, AVChat 3 introduces a new security feature called “token based authentication”. When enabled this prevents 3’rd party swf files (hosted on other web sites than your own or by malicious users) to connect to your media server. There are other security measures in place to prevent this however token based authentication is the most secure! This feature is turned off by default because with it enabled: it takes slightly more time for users to connect to the media server, it might cause some connection attempts to the media server over slow Internet connections to fail we’ve only had a few clients that really needed this feature! How o turn it on: install AVChat edit the settings[…]

AVChat  is pretty secure out of the box, however, there are steps you and your developers can take to make your AVChat installation even more secure. We have now grouped these steps in a NEW SERVICE we’ll offer called Secure your AVChat installation.  The service is priced at $199.  We will annalyze your AVChat and media server  installation and propose/implement security measures against a broad range of attacks. These are some of the measures we will take: Secure the data exchange  between the clients and the media server by using rtmpe or rtmps instead of plain rtmp. RTMPS communication leverages the proven security of SSL to wrap your RTMP session. RTMPE-based communication offers some of the benefits of RTMPS, but[…]