We got a lot of questions regarding the possibility of screen sharing in flash so here you go, a simple public explanation: Screen sharing is possible in Flash video chat applications by using third party screen sharing drivers. What these drivers do is they simulate a web cam that uses the desktop screen as a video feed. There are 3 4 such drivers right now: VH Screen Capture Driver (http://www.hmelyoff.com/index.php?section=8) which is free for private use. the Live Output feature present in the Camtasia Recorder that ships with Camtasia Studio (http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasiatrial.asp). Camtasia Studio is a comercial sofware and the actual bundle contains much more than just the Camtasia Recorder. May 2008 update: UScreenCapture (http://umediaserver.net/umediaserver/download.html), freeware for any use October 2011[…]