It’s been a hot summer here in Bucharest but we’ve been hard at work fixing issues with AVChat. Since the last final build back in July we’ve fixed a huge number of bugs.

I am proud to say this will be the most solid build of AVChat so far.

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’ve added the ability to hide the entire left side (webcam and users list, hideLeftSide setting in ) creating a minimalist chat experience that will benefit such scenarios as:
    • small text chat widgets
    • online live help/sales chat
    • quick chat mechanisms
  • The input text chat area now has 2 lines!!! Here’s how it all looks with no left side area and bigger text chat input area:
    AVChat with no users list and webcam + 2 bigger text chat input area

Other improvements:

  • Ability to hide the users list independently from the webcam area (hideUsersList in
  • We’ve added several new options in that allow you to control what the user can do in even more detail:
    • userCanSeeWhoIsWatchingHim
    • blockingAUserAlsoBlocksAccessToCam
    • userCanBlockOtherUsers
    • pushToTalkDefault
    • userCanSwicthBetweenP2TAndAlwaysOn
  • Ability to control the status of the [Clear text chat] button for users: disabled, enabled, hidden (clearTextChatButtonStatus in
  • Updated English language file to address the user in 2nd person (Your cam instead of My cam)
  • Improvements to the way the Rooms List Window is positioned in certain situations
  • Improved documentation in the CSS file
  • The fontsize setting in now controls the size of the welcome message and the size of the join/leave conversation messages as well.
  • When autostartCameras is set to 1 you will now also start to see your own cam
  • autostartCameras does not depend anymore on the camsArePrivateByDefault option but just on the actual state of the stream (private or public). Public streams will start automatically while private streams will auto start only for admins with the right to view private streams without permission.
  • When P2T is ON but the button is depressed the mic icon still shows up besides your username in the users list so that other people can tune in on your broadcast
  • Echo cancellation new defaults to OFF because we were not happy with the way it was implemented in Flash Player
  • Removed documentation from the avc_settings.aspx.cs and avc_settings.asp files (the only documentation will be the one in avc_settings.php). This will help everyone by having just 1 set of documentation for each of the settings.
  • We’ve moved windowsCastShadows to style.css where all the design options are.
  • Notifications in PM windows are now shown even tough the notifications are off
  • We’ve added 2 new JS calls: maxStreamsReached and freeVideoTimeLimitReached

Here’s what’s fixed:

  • Fixed issue with audio/video streams not being recorded on FMS
  • Fixed issue with [Buzz] button not working when used from the side menu that shows up when clicking on users in the text chat area
  • Fixed error (Connection rejected: You did not connect coming from a licensed domain) with failed connections from Firefox + Flash player (released on 6 August 2012)
  • Fixed 2 important issues on FMS and Wowza
    • When someone changed their stream status (private/public) the external users list was not updated
    • When the list was updated as a result of other changes (a user joins the room for example) the “camIsPrivate” property in the external users list was backwards
  • Fixed issue on Wowza with the text chat logs containing each line 2 times
  • Fixed issue with the username remembered by AVChat from a previous chat session was not passed trough the badnicks.xml filter
  • Fixed issue with requesting access to webcams on Wowza
  • Fixed issue with “whoistyping” text not working on Wowza
  • Fixed issue with blocked users list being broken in some cases
  • Speex audio codec and echo cancellation were used only when both of them were turned on, if a client was using Speex audio but had echo cancellation disabled AVChat would use the NellyMoser audio codec
  • Fixed issues with P2T and Webcam/Mic area when user does not have a webcam
  • Fixed issue with clearAllRoomsScreensButtonShow setting not working as expected

How to download and upgrade?

You can download this new build of AVChat from your client area. As a trial user you do not yet have access to this build.

Steps to upgrade an old installation:

  1. overwrite all old client side files (You can keep your old language files. The missing phrases will default to English until you add them to your existing language xml file.)
  2. overwrite the media server files and restart the media server

If you have issues with it after upgrading make sure you clear your browser’s cache. If you still have issues after doing that send us an email at

If you want us to upgrade your AVChat installation for you you can purchase our additional AVChat Installation Service from here: .  Once you make the purchase just email us at .

What’s next?

We’re preparing a new major build for the 1st of October (Monday) with 1 or 2 beta builds in between.

3 thoughts on “The mid-August build (1673) of AVChat is the most solid AVChat build yet

  1. Richard67 says:

    the change to 2nd person in the language file of this build is not complete:
    Text id=”081″ resname=”IDS_SHOWWATCHING” still uses 1st person.
    Reading my forum post related to this topic or making a diff between the modified language file I had suggested and the one from pervious build would have shown this.
    Just to be complete, the comment “” before text id=”016″ resname=”IDS_BT_STARTMIC” could have been changed to 2nd person, too, even if it is only a comment: ““.

  2. Ncu says:

    Thank you for the heads up.

    I will do the changes for the next build.

  3. Richard67 says:

    I just see that the comment “The following strings are used mostly in the your camera window” before text id=”016? resname=”IDS_BT_STARTMIC” was correct, in opposite to what my previous response from August 20th tell.
    But the Text id=”081? resname=”IDS_SHOWWATCHING” still uses 1st person, there my previous response is right.

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