We are pleased  to announce that we have finished work on 2 new integration kits for AVChat 3:

AVChat 3 Product  for vBulletin:

  • automatic username and avatar picture detection
  • administrators can edit access to video chat features and limitations for each usergroup
  • administrators can enable/disable features from the AVChat 3 Admin Area for moderators and super moderators (kick, ban, etc…)
  • fully allow/disallow access to the video chat for any usergroup
  • profile links integration
  • installs as any other vBulletin product/plugin

You can find more info about the AVChat 3 Product for vBulletin here. Currently only vBulletin 3.8 is supported but we are working on making it compatible with 4.0 . If you’re using older versions like 3.6 let us know.

AVChat 3 Module for Jamroom:

  • automatic username and avatar picture detection
  • different features and permissions for different quota (Guests, Members, Artists, etc…)
  • profile links integration
  • Jamroom administrators have access to the AVChat 3 admin area from where they can kick, ban, etc… .
  • installs as any other Jamroom module

You can find more info about the AVChat 3 Module for Jamroom here.

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