Error 1: If, when trying to connect using AVChat 3, you are getting this error message: Connection failed, media server might be down or firewall might be blocking the connection! like this:

Error message shown when AVChat 3 can not connect to the media server

You need to check:

  • your rtmp connection string inserted in
  • the media server might not be running (you can check if Red5 is running by going to
  • the media server might have not started properly (thus is not running, you can check the logs in Red5/log for any ERROR messages during startup)
  • there is a firewall on the media server blocking TCP traffic over port 1935 (and 5080)
  • the user trying to connect is behind a firewall that blocks the connection (either a personal one installed on his computer or a corporate one installed on his network, to test his connection capabilities he should run these connection tests: )

Error 2: If, when trying to connect using AVChat 3, you are getting this error message:  Connection Rejected:No scope ”avchat30/_definst_” on this server OR The connection with the video chat server could not be made like this:

AVChat 3 error message when there is an issue with the AVChat 3 Red5 media server files

It means you are using Red5 and your Red5  is running but:

  • make sure you use Red5 0.8 final (AVChat 3 is not compatible with any other versions)
  • make sure you installed the AVChat 3 Red5 server files properly (Red5/webapps/avchat30)
  • make sure you restart Red5 after you installed the Red5 server side files (Red5/webapps/avchat30)

Error 3: When trying to connect using AVChat 3, you are getting this error message: Application (avchat30) is not defined , like this:

AVChat 3 error essage shown when the FMIS app is not set up

There are 2 causes/solutions for this error:

Error 4: When trying to connect using AVChat 3, you are getting this error message: Connection success, waiting for server… .

There is 1 possibe cause/solution for this issue:

15 thoughts on “Why would AVChat 3 fail to connect to the media server?

  1. Josep Viciana says:

    Hello, I see this error when I enter the admin panel, but it works correctly when I enter as a normal user.

    This is the error:
    Connection Rejected: [Server.Reject]: Adapter: _defaultRoot_, vhost: _defaultVHost_, App: avchat30/_definst_ (onConnect call failed)

    Any solution or idea?

    1. Octavian says:

      Maybe someone has enabled swf verification on your FMS hosting account/server ? Please contact support at:

  2. Jarrod C says:

    I’ve had this problem with one user who complained about it. It turns out he needed to update flash. After the Flash update, everything was working correctly.

  3. john edwards says:

    I am trying to test your software to see if it’s integration with my website is worth buying. However; I keep getting an error message: Connection Rejected! you are not connecting from a licensed domain. I can only assume that the trial license is no good.

    Help Needed! I would like to go live soon.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Octavian says:

      Please send an email with a direct link to where you installed the chat to so we can take a look.

  4. RTMPT DEFAULT TimeOut I received this when I ran the test. I have checked all my firewalls on three different computers and I keep getting “media server failed to connect, might be blocked by a firewall.” I can understand one computer, but three diffferent computers not letting me log into the chat area does not make sense to me.

  5. admin says:

    If these computers are behind the same router/network/proxy then the routet/network/proxy is to blame. Try from your home computer. You can also email with a direct link to were you have it installed.

  6. dateless says:

    When there is more than one error message, they are overlaid on top of each other.
    I cannot tell which condition I am troubleshooting 🙁

  7. Javier says:

    When I install avchat 3 (the trial version) , automatically it will be disabled (by WordPress I supose).
    What to do?

    Thank you !!!

    1. Octavian says:

      Open a support ticket from your client area and send us a link to where you have it installed.

  8. Hi, my name is Solomon and I am the CEO of
    I have been having a lot of difficulty figuring out how to get your video chat service going on my website. The first time, I used the trial for the video chat and it did not work. I was able to use another trial and it is still not working. I accidentally change the connection string on the video chat and I tried to use av chat for my media server and it still didn’t work. I am very frustrated it has been over 2 weeks since I have been trying this on my wordpress website. Please respond to me ASAP!!!! The connection string might be the issue, but I do not know anymore

    1. Virgil says:


      Get in touch with us at so we can check your set-up.

    2. Octavian says:

      The issue was caused by trying to use AVChat with Wowza Streaming Cloud instead of Wowza Streaming Engine.

      Wowza Streaming Cloud is a streaming service that’s only meant for streaming, it does not work for hosting Wowza apps like AVChat.

  9. Juan says:

    I have the web with wordpress.

    Install the red5, but I see the interface at boot by

    but I start the red5 server in linux VPS and works ok with the command.

    /etc/init.d/start red5

    The avchat installed, but upon entering wordpress> plugins> video chat standard setting> plugin settings> RTMP

    In the field

    Connection string *
    Required. Enter the RTMP connection string to the avchat30 app on your media server.
    Example: rtmp: //

    I do not get to know what my media server, the red5 is installed and inside the folder / usr / local / red5 / webapps folder is the avchat30.

    You need to configure, can help thanks.

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