We've stopped the development and sale of AVChat on 1st of September 2018. Tech support has ended on 30 November 2018.
For similar products we recommend looking into WebRTC based alternatives like https://appear.in or TokBox Video Chat Embeds.

Hands On Services We Offer

Secure AVChat •  AVChat Installation •  Media Server Installation •  Design Integration •  AVChat Update

Secure AVChat ($199)

This service + the security measures implemented in AVChat are the result of 2+ years of dealing with attempts to hack into our clients AVChat installations.

AVChat is very secure out of the box , however, there are steps you can take to make your AVChat installation even more secure. Some of the security features in AVChat need to be actively configured & turned on.

We will study your AVChat and media server setup and configure & activate security features against a very broad range of attacks.

Here’s some of the stuff we will do:

  • Activate token authentication
  • Limit admins by IP or filename (good for countries with many dinamic IPs)
  • Add watermark to streams
  • Encrypt everything: setup rtmpe or rtmps if possible
  • Setup swf verification (AMS only)
  • Remove extra stuff (.NET files and default media server apps)
  • We’ll do some other stuff that we’ll not talk about here
  • Extra juicy details in the blog post.

It takes 1-2 days to fully enable all security features.

Standard Website Integration ($199)

If you have a custom developed website - or if it’s built on a new or rare CMS - you can hire us to do the integration for you through our Standard Integration Service for a one time fee of $199.

It generally takes about 1 day to gather all the details (FTP, root, backend, list of member levels, list of desired permissions, etc.) and 1-2 more days for developing and testing the integration code.

Our Standard Integration Service covers the following:

  • Same username in chat
  • Auto login
  • Visitors not allowed + asked to register
  • Different permissions for member levels
  • Design configured to match
  • Link to chat in menu

Radu, Integrations Guru

AVChat Installation Service($50)

If you just purchased AVChat or if you change servers or hosting accounts we can help you install AVChat.

Once we have all the needed details (click here for the list), it takes about 1 working day to complete the installation.

Media Server Install & Config ($99)

We can install and configure AMS, Red5 and Wowza for you on your own dedicated server or VPS.

After installation we will send you a complete report including start/stop/restart instructions, location of certain files (logs, videos, etc...), how to check if the server is running, and other details.

It takes about 1 working day to deliver the installation.

Design Integration ($49)

AVChat’s design can be changed to match with your existing website theme. When the service is delivered you will have a seamless integrated design experience when switching from the site to the chat or the other way around :

  • Colors will match
  • Background image will match
  • Font colors will match
  • Corner types will match (rounded or straight)
  • Spacing (margins & paddings) will match
  • Your logo will show up as a watermark or as a background image

It takes about 1 working day to deliver the design change.

We will also make a backup of your new style.xml file and send it to you by email (good if you ever want to upgrade AVChat).

AVChat Update ($59)

This service covers updating the AVChat version and keeping all the settings previously made.

It takes about 1 working day to deliver.

We will also make a backup of your existing AVChat installation on your server.

After the update, we will inform you about what changes were made on your server.

How Our Services Work

You Purchase The Service

Choose your service from above and purchase it using a credit card, PayPal, wire. We will be notified right away about your purchase and get in contact with you.

We Get In Touch

During business hours or - if the purchase is made outside our office hours - as soon as we get into office we'll get in contact with you by email and ask further info. Depending on the service we might need one or more of the following: FTP/VPS/media server access, account credentials, website user groups, colors, SSL certificates, etc. .

Service Is Delivered

Based on the info provided by you we will get to work. AVChat and media server installations usually take a few hours once we get all the needed data while integrations will take up to a few days.

Our services have greatly helped our customers get the most of AVChat